How to Improve Productivity While Social Distancing

posted by Susan Cooper
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Our customers are facing greater challenges than ever before – how do you maintain or even increase productivity while your workforce is hindered by keeping a safe social distance? Under the very best conditions, communicating effectively at a distance of 6 feet is difficult. Add background noise, and even shouting can’t overcome the communication deficit.*
At CavCom, we have been researching and 
Loud Social Distancing
developing ways to improve productivity in the workplace for over 20 years. We know that bringing communication "to the ear" reduces down time, prevents errors, and decreases time spent traversing a large workspace.
First, two-way radios “bridge the distance” required when workers cannot be in close physical proximity. Then, to overcome background noise, hearing protection and noise-cancelling or in-ear microphones help maximize signal-to-noise ratio and speech clarity. CavCom offers a variety of two-way radios, headsets, earsets, Talk Through Your Ears® communication systems, and other radio accessories to best meet your specific needs. 


See and hear this 1-minute demonstration of individuals in 99 dBA of noise able to communicate effectively at a safe distance using a two-way radio with a lapel speaker mic and RadioGearⓇ hearing protection earsets


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