Inside Look: CavCom’s On-Going Support After Your Purchase

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At CavCom, we understand that you’ve worked hard to get to this point - reviewing products, securing the proper approvals, and giving purchasing the go-ahead to fill out a PO. Your new products have arrived, shiny and ready-to-go. But here’s your challenge, how can you make sure your crew is picking up on the technology like you expect they should? You’re wondering how CavCom will help you introduce your new equipment and get the ball rolling?

Post-Sale Support with CavCom

Let me put your mind at ease – CavCom is here to help! Here’s what to expect after partnering with us.

CavCom post sale supportOur process is structured to help you hit the ground running. For instance, upon receiving your equipment, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. The Account Manager’s job is to partner with your team to provide on-going support to ensure success. Our staff will contact you to set up on-site, video, or web-based training based on your needs. Whether on-site or via webinar, CavCom’s training is extensive. Our experienced technical staff provide an overview of the equipment, including features, benefits, how everything works, and how to care for equipment as well as help troubleshoot any issues. It’s also about getting all your staff fully trained and on-board with the new solution. We’ll answer individual questions and get everyone on the same page.

Support and Service

While web-based or on-site training will get your team oriented and ready to roll, implementation is really just the beginning. It’s important to remember that a CavCom solution is a long-term solution. We have customers all across the United States who’ve been with us for 10, even 15+ years. Why? Because we don’t just help our customers use and maintain equipment. We help them make their communication program successful.

Once your team is trained, your Account Manager will continue to provide you with consistent support. Our support program includes guides that cover training and troubleshooting tips, customer specific parts lists, warranty and repair reports, and more. Bottom line, our goal is to have your team communicating safety and effectively for years to come.

Structuring a Successful Communication Program

Across all of the industries we serve, the largest predictor of communication program success is whether or not the customer appoints a program manager. This is someone who acts as a liaison between your facility and CavCom. Your program manager might be a shift supervisor, safety manager, or process improvement manager, and it helps if they have a few key qualities:

  • They directly interact with the staff using the products
  • They understand the importance of hearing conservation
  • They’re good communicators
  • They’re well-trained on the CavCom system
  • They take part in the decision-making
  • Staff members consider them approachable and supportive

If a customer appoints someone with these qualities, they can expect a successful communication program year after year.

Maintaining Your Devices

The fact of the matter is, just like any other piece of equipment, communication products need to be maintained and taken care of. While CavCom products aren’t high maintenance, they do require some basic care and occasional replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.

cavcom products

Whenever the equipment has any type of issue, we will work with you to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve it. In a lot of cases, a simple phone conversation will give you all you need to get back to working order.

We also focus on education to help prevent the same problems from occurring again and again. For example, sometimes custom earpieces aren’t stored correctly, which can cause issues. By ensuring the program manager understands the proper storage protocol, they can turn around and educate their crew on how to care for their earsets. Just like that, problem solved. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, we have a service department and field services staff available for additional support.

Problem Struggle to hear lapel micWhat Causes a Communication Program to Fail?

An effective communication program takes resources, both your time and budget. When a company decides to invest in upgrading their radios and accessories, the last thing they want to see is a failure.

Here at CavCom, we are invested in helping our customers use their systems properly. The benefits of being able to communicate effectively in industrial settings add up to a very long list. But those benefits hinge on proper use. Improper use can lead to unsafe environments and unnecessary risks to hearing and general safety. Opening up the doors of effective communication can be a game changer, but a successful program depends on support and education from the inside out.

Let’s get started together!

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