Inside Look: The CavCom Difference – Preservation & Passion

posted by Barb Morrill

At CavCom you will find a culture of passionate people. Preservation of hearing is our passion. Building and fitting communications products for individuals to prevent hearing loss, maximizing production efforts, and improving safety in a facility by furthering the ability to communicate define our commitment. We're proud of the people we serve and the solutions we offer across the country.

Passion, pride and commitment. Together, they create three pillars of our business philosophy and influence our actions each day. That's the CavCom difference.

Passion to Protect

Jeff Barb HR-close-upCavCom has a foundation of lifelong contributions to the principle of hearing health in industry work. Individual career contributions to the many organizations they have participated in and/or chaired, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in our people. Our products reflect the commitment and expertise these dedicated people have put forth in their careers. Our products evolved from the combined experience of our founder, Jeff Morrill, and the many people dedicated to Hearing Conservation that have or are currently working with him.

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The protection of hearing is the basis of the communication products CavCom designs and manufactures for Industry, Emergency Response, Public Safety, and anyone who needs to communicate in High Noise or unusual PPE applications that prevent speech from being shared via two-way radios, i.e. respirators.

We started at the ear to protect hearing and ended at the radio, a major difference when you compare other accessory devices, that were designed so that you could hear your radio first and then some level of hearing protection, or not, applied.

Committed to Solve

We’re fortunate to have a culture of people who are committed — but the definition of commitment extends beyond their individual roles. They are completely dedicated to their careers in ways that benefit our customers and the industries we serve. Our team sees beyond “the sale” to the solution. This is a key differentiator. When you have a team focused on what success looks like tailored to the individual customer, the outcome suddenly becomes crystal clear. CavCom is in the business of solving the most complex, challenging problems that hinder communication and compromise hearing.

CavCom employees working with a customer in a manufacturing warehouse
Our company was founded on the principle of creating practical, effective solutions for companies facing high noise and communication challenges. Jeff’s vision was different. His background afforded him an up-close experience of the perils of noise and lack of effective safety equipment to combat it. He took that as an opportunity to create a solution — it’s been our driving commitment since our inception.

Pride, More Than Ever

Success doesn't exist in a vacuum.

As an organization, we all celebrate our accomplishments and how we impact the lives and wellbeing of customers. Everything we achieve requires the help of one another. From our researchers and audiologists to our field technicians and support staff, we’re all interconnected. We’re incredibly proud of each other, our products, and the relationships we have. By definition, pride is about possessing positive feelings for something that has deep, personal meaning. At CavCom, we’re rooted in pride and it shows in how we stay engaged, even in times of chaos and crisis.

We’re still in the midst of the pandemic that has changed everything in the world around us. As humanity, we’re making adjustments. As a business serving humanity, we’re making strides to improve upon our products and services in order to ensure the needs of our customers always come first. We’re proud to say we’ve positioned ourselves in alignment with some of the most essential businesses and services and are more committed than ever to meeting those needs.

Critical Value

Company culture is truly representative of the values and standards the business possesses. That’s true at CavCom. Yet there’s a distinct difference in our culture that in turn sets our entire organization apart. It’s the passion, the pride, and the commitment our people embody and bring to work with them daily. It’s an honor to work alongside this team who is tirelessly in pursuit of making this company the best it can be in order to bring that level of great to our customers, community, and vendors.

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