Inside Look: The CavCom On-Site Demo

posted by Brice Ambler

A Demo With CavCom

Did you know CavCom offers on-site two-way communication demonstrations for prospective customers? That’s where a member of our team will travel to your site, demonstrate our equipment, work with your people and have them try our equipment in the actual environment where they need to communicate. Sound good? Request a demo now. Want to learn more about the process? Keep reading.

Preparing for the Demo

Before anything can start, the ball is in your court. Requesting a demo via our website is easy. It’s going to let us know you’re interested in seeing CavCom products and experiencing them within your work environment.CavCom production line

Since we have a wide variety of products and potential solutions, we’re going to have some about your environment, what communication technology you’re currently using, and what obstacles you’re experiencing. Depending on your specific circumstances, we will help to determine if CavCom products are a good fit for your needs. Then, we’ll go over what a demo includes and determine whether an on-site demo would work best for you (as opposed to a product trial). This qualification process will also help our team determine which products to demonstrate while we are on site (or which products to line up for a mail-out trial).

Next, you’re going to work with CavCom field services scheduling staff to set a date. The demos tend to schedule a few weeks out, so if your facility or organization requires a tighter timeline, a mail-out trial might work better for you. Either way, we’re going to get CavCom products in your hands so that you and your team can get a feel for them.


The On-Site Demo

The day of the demo is your opportunity to experience CavCom products in action, put their features to use in your environment, and hear the quality of your radio transmissions. And depending on the environment, your demo is going to look different. For instance, emergency response teams will likely be able to set aside an hour or two to have the entire team attend a demo. Production facilities, on the other hand, aren’t going to shut down a machine for two hours for a product demo. Sometimes, the workday doesn’t stop no matter who comes on-site, and I respect that.

If I’m conducting a demo for a production line at a manufacturing facility, I’m going to start with the production supervisor and usually one crew member at a time getting educated and fitted. I’m going to lead the first couple of crew members through the system, get them set up and have them take it right out on the floor and into their high noise environment.

As I’m briefing the shift supervisor, the purchaser, and (ideally) the plant manager on the system, employees can come in and get a quick brief on how the system works. We include information on why sealing the ear is important, then hook them up with either their radio or our demo radio, make sure they can communicate and send them right back out to test the equipment in their high noise situation. All the while, I’m available for questions as they come up.


Typical Demo Feedback

When most people get their first experience with CavCom hearing protection, they’re going to notice how comfortable it is. Employees accustomed to bulky headsets will feel lighter and cooler. Even more than that, they’re going to be able to hear clearly. I know it sounds simple, but the difference is pretty stunning.

There are plenty of benefits, but know that some employees may be less open to change and more reluctant when it comes to trying something different. While it may take a bit longer for some, we find the vast majority of users welcome the upgrade and come to fully embrace our technology and solutions.


How About a Communication Evaluation?

While we’re on-site for a demo, we’re more than willing to provide a communication evaluation of your environment. This can include evaluating each shift — yes, even third shift — and assessing your facility for all your communication needs. We can help evaluate:

  • High noise areas
  • Dead zones
  • Radio equipment
  • Radio infrastructure

CavCom production lineBasically, we’ll assess any and all communication needs your facility. For instance, if your compressor room is a dead zone for radio comms, we can try different solutions to bridge that gap. Oftentimes, having the right equipment will allow you to communicate where you previously couldn’t.


Feel It, Hear It, Try It

When it comes to CavCom products and solutions, we can talk about their features and capabilities all day — and we do! But the true test is when you get the equipment in front of you. When you can feel how the products are lightweight yet durable, when you can experience the quality built into each radio, that’s when it really makes sense.

For employees who’ve struggled to communicate day in and day out, year over year, having the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a real game changer. Our on-site demos make it possible to feel, hear, and try CavCom products in your workplace environment. Request your on-site demo today.

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