Talk Through Your Ears®: Hear It to Believe It

posted by Jon Baldridge

If you could talk normally in high noise environments, what kind of a difference would that make? Take, for example, a steel mill with noise levels averaging 100 dBA or more. What if your daily PPE involves a respirator, face shield, helmet or protective suit?  Imagine the difference in radio communication if noise and respirators were no longer barriers to your ability to communicate. But is it possible? It is with Talk Through Your Ears®.

How Does It Work? 

In the simplest terms, Talk Through Your Ears® (TTYE) uses in-ear communications to bypass many of the problems associated with communicating in high noise environments. 

Talk Through Your Ears equipment

Unlike external communication technologies, like a throat mic or boom mic, TTYE uses an in-ear microphone. The microphone picks up whatever you say and transmits it via your radio. Sealing the ear is a hearing protector, so your communications don’t have to compete with environmental noise like you might be used to.  Mouth covered by a respirator? No problem – again, the microphone is in the ear canal, so no interference from a face mask or even SCBAs.

I know this might sound a bit too good to be true, but I assure you it isn’t. If background noise poses a challenge for radio communications for your team, TTYE might be just what your facility needs. 

Who Uses TTYE Technology? 

Talk Through Your Ears Equipment within HazMat suit

TTYE is well-suited to high noise manufacturing environments. 

Some examples include steel mills, paper mills, textile factories, chemical plants, and nuclear power plants. In each of these settings, there are employees struggling because they’re not outfitted with technology that both protects their hearing and enables them to hear and be heard. 

In addition to high noise, TTYE also excels in HazMat and other in-suit environments. With these PPE, the issue isn’t so much about noise, it’s about communicating while using a respirator. Instead of yelling, TTYE makes in-suit communications as clear as if you were speaking in person without a face-piece or mask on.

See it in action: 


Whether it’s an industrial workplace or an emergency response team, TTYE allows for in-suit communications via two-way radio. With it, you can communicate clearly in:

  • Any suit
  • Any radio
  • Any respirator
  • Any environment


Do You Need TTYE?

Knowing if you would benefit from TTYE is the same as asking, do you need to communicate in high noise environments?  Or does your HazMat team need to communicate? This technology makes it possible to communicate in any harsh environment. Ditch the yelling, hand signals, and the danger to personal safety with TTYE.

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